How to choose painting and matching


Hello, hope everything goes well! This week SEVEN WALL ARTS® wants to share with you some tips of How to choose painting and matching.

There is a saying that the house may be rented, but life is not.There are three tips on how to choose decorative painting and matching . positioning of  decoration painting

what kind of decorative painting is chosen for the decoration style, not only the style is unified, but also the unity of other accessories. Furniture, curtains, carpets, etc

Hand painting

2Pay attention to the proportion of decorative painting to space

The size of the decorative painting is determined to the reference object.For example,the reference of the sitting room can be sofa or TV ark , the bedroom can be a bed or wall.

After determining the reference object, the size of the painting can be about two-thirds of the relative reference.

wall artoil painting

3.  The  importance of color coordination

All the pieces in the room are related to each other,so we can choose decoration painting according to the room's color ,so that the room will have a sense of hierarchy.

Hand painting

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